Administrative Interview Of Stephanie Thompson Essay

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Administrative Interview of Stephanie Thompson School and Community Stephanie Thompson is the Executive Principal of Farragut High School. When she first started at Farragut High School, she the parents and community stated that they never knew what was going on in the school. Mrs. Thompson’s first priority was to establish ways to connect with the school community. She started by welcoming staff, students and parents every morning not only at the doorway but in the parking lot as well by directing traffic. Some days Stephanie would ask the students about their family or have short conversations about their interests. Her goal was to know her community at a deeper level than what was expected of her. She also implemented the 5 p.m. automated calls to parents informing them of the upcoming school-wide assessments, community meetings and fundraisers, activities organized at school level, etc. Stephanie infiltrated herself in the Educational Foundation that was already a part of the school as a board member and made sure the community was informed with the decisions on this foundation. The school website was also modified to meet the needs of the community. The major addition made to the school website was the installation of the hit counter program to track the website traffic by department. Depending on what department receives more hits, more detailed info is provided to that particular department. Instructional Leadership When asked about the areas of teaching and

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