Administrative Law is the by-product of constitutional law

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INTRODUCTION Administrative law is the most growing phenomenon in the field of state welfare for today . It has become very necessary in the developed society as the relationship between the administrative authority and the people have become very complex . In order to regulate these relations, there is a need of law which will provide a certainty and a check to the misuse of power by the administrative authority . The requirement of such law is fulfilled by the administrative law. So basically, administrative law is the body of those which rules regulates and control the administrations. It is that branch of law which is concerned with the power, duties, and rights of various organs of the government which are in the nature of public…show more content…
A constitution provides a framework of principles that creates the structure and purpose of a human organisation. A constitution is the result of historical events and personalities . Constitutional law thus, means that part of Law which relates to the system of government of a country. It can also be defined as those laws which regulate the structure of the principal organs of government and their relationship with each other and with the citizen and it also determine their main functions. Constitutional law actually forms the backbone of public law . It is that branch of public law which determines the nature of the state, nature and structures of the government its powers, functions, division of powers among different constitutional organs, their relationship to each other and above all the relationship between the state and the individuals . Constitutional law makes it possible for us to act collectively by coordinating the interest of many individuals. It also protects individuals against abuses by those to whom we entrust power it being a sad feature of human nature that those who seek power may be unfit to exercise it. Constitutional law concerns a struggle between rival contenders for power, the constantly changing relationship between the different governmental institutions and limits imposed on the government. So we can see from the above discussion that constitutional law and administrative law are very much
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