Administrative Management Essay

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Administrative Management Timothy Bower ENG 122 Jamie Cooper July 11, 2010 Administrative Management When it comes to running the daily operations of a corporation, administrative management comes into play. One takes for granted the background core of a business organization. It is then the intent of this essay to briefly describe the major management departments that keep a corporation operating. A good starting point would be people involved. Every major corporation has a department whose main objective is the overseeing of the people working for that corporation or business. It could be a fast food chain to a major department store. Health service’s to every type of…show more content…
Vol 1, P.1. Retrieved from http//www. bep sample book review.pdf. Duties of the business manager are overseeing the daily operations of their business or store. Not only do they make sure their assistant manager is doing their job, but every department supervisor and department manager is doing their job as well. Another task the business manager is likely to watch on a daily basis is where their store or branch ranks in the district. The business manager reports to the district supervisor. It is the responsibility of the district supervisor to oversee the operations and statistics of their assigned districts. They keep tallied charts of individual stores profits and losses. If a certain store in their district falls below operational standards, they immediately remedy the situation. Mostly all organizational businesses and corporations are monitored by their corporate headquarters. In this day and age major corporations are monitored by some computer capacity. There are many computer software applications that make a corporation’s administrative management operations run smoothly. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Administrative managers are of a limited number in availability. There is a high state of competition for these positions. Administrative managers can find careers in private industry and government jobs.
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