Administrator Of Human Resources Interview

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Administrator of Human Resources Interview Introduction Steve Barrett is the Executive Director for Human Resource Operations for the Minneapolis Public Schools District. According to S. Barrett, he has worked in his current position for seven months (personal communication, January 20, 2015). Previously, Barrett worked as an adjunct professor at the Metropolitan State University for 25 months, and as an Executive Director for Employee Relations at Minneapolis public schools for 20 months. Later, he worked as the Labor Relations Director at Osseo Area Schools for three years and four months, and Labor Relations Specialist at the City of Saint Paul for six years and one month (S. Barrett, personal communication, January 20, 2015). Barrett earned his master’s degree at Hamline University, where he graduated with a Masters of Arts in Public Administration. In this report, I document the interview I had with Barrett on January 20, 2015 to discuss human resources management in the school district. What are the demographics of the district? S. Barrett explains that the Minneapolis Public Schools District has 76 schools (personal communication, January 20, 2015). The number of students is approximately 35,356. There are 11,439 White students, 13,109 African American students, Hispanics are 6,766, Asians are 2,526, American Indians are 1,479, and Pacific Islanders are 37 (S. Barrett, personal communication, January 20, 2015). Approximately 65 percent of the students benefit from
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