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I am a product of the American dream, my family has gone from moving around dangerous neighborhoods and relying on my grandparents for food to working in fantastic positions and sending three kids to college to pursue advanced professional degrees. I have experienced life from both sides of the economic tracks. My life has made me open-minded and extremely independent. Being part of my family has motivated me to always look for challenges. In the coming spring, after I defend my thesis and graduate early in December, I am planning to solo hike the Appalachian trail. A trek of 2,190 miles over the course of four or five months will provide me with the solitude and time for thinking that I will need to prepare for my next phase of life. I look forward to the daily mental and physical challenges that living on the trail will…show more content…
Remaining multidimensional by participating in multiple research areas and diversifying my interests has given me skills in molecular biology, sociomedical research, and management of people. The potential of furthering the development of my abilities in the outstanding atmosphere of scholarship and community at Jefferson represents a tremendous opportunity. Attending medical school in Philadelphia has always been a dream. As an anatomy lab partner with an incoming medical student, I have only heard positive things about Jefferson and the school's process of helping students transition to living in center city Philadelphia. I am particularly excited about attending Jefferson because of the exciting new patient-centered curriculum. The focus on interpersonal skills and developing relationships will certainly be appreciated by graduates and patients treated by Sidney Kimmel Medical School alumni. During my time spent shadowing, I observed the most apparent difference between medical students, residents, and attendings was their respective abilities to navigate the social aspects of
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