Admissions Essay: My Journey To The Medical Field

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If my Freshman-self saw who I was today, he would definitely be flabbergasted that in five years he would be going directly into the healthcare field. When I first came to Syracuse University, I had the idea of being a biomedical engineer and helping to design the latest in medical devices. Two semesters of engineering, a severe lack of human interaction, and internship later I was on the path to becoming a physical therapist. I thought I was going to fall in love with physical therapy and by now I would be in a graduate program. The funny thing about life is that nothing rarely goes as planned. Due to a computer malfunction, my scores were unable to send to the schools I chose and therefore I was denied. Everything happens for a reason but…show more content…
I got a chance to not only shadow a nurse but also to work with them as a lab technician. I got to see the patient interaction, the vitals being taken, and every other logistical aspect of the nursing world. It was then that noticed something, I was engaged almost every moment of my time with nurses and looked forward to being there. Every time was something new and exciting and even the aspects of the job that weren’t traditionally exciting such as drawing blood kept me engaged. The whole process of nursing was meaningful, vital, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. This decision by no means came over night rather it involved periods of contemplation and self-realization. I loved the shadowing but shadowing and the actual nursing are completely different entities. In my heart I knew that my ideal job would involve helping others, constantly being stimulated, and challenged. Every time I shadowed I could see that each one of these criteria were met. Furthermore, the excitement I felt every time I shadowed was unmatched by any similar situation I had before whether it was a job, internship, or other form of
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