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Policy about honesty in classrooms: Introduction: Students must have to understand what academic integrity is and what the most common violations are. With that thoughtful they must constrain themselves to the highest standards for their own, as well as for their peers ', academic behavior. Public support or involvement and encouragement of the faculty is a second critical component necessary to strengthen academic integrity on campus. Faculty members must be repeatedly alert in the management of their classes, their assignments, and their tests. Subject and policies in school: Program policy requires regular attendance at class meetings. Students are not allowed for unexcused absences in classes that meet for semester; they are allowed to two unexcused absences in classes that meet for semester. During the sessions, students are allowed two unexcused absences. Significant and/or frequent delay may be counted as unexcused absences at the instructor’s pleasure. Students also have the right to a limited number of excused absences due to a religious observance, illness, death in the family, required participation in athletic events, or other serious and unavoidable life circumstances. Students are liable for notifying instructors when they must miss class for any reason. Instructors are responsible for determining whether a student will be excused from the class. Instructors are reminded that University Health and Counseling Services will not issue documentation of students’

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