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Part 1 Analyze and Plan (Questions 1 to 9) 20 marks
Refer as needed to material in Chapters 12 and 13. Read the instructions carefully and answer all questions clearly and concisely. Include examples to highlight your comments.
1. Explain the purpose of this report by formulating a clear, concise statement of purpose. Consult pages 279 and 280 in your textbook to decide what you must tell your readers in order for them to act on your recommendation(s). This statement should answer the following questions: What? To whom? Why? (2 marks)
To justify and recommend a plan for Board members to bring in new communications technology which can enhance company communication.

2. Describe the target audience for this report.
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Part 1 Subtotal:
Part 2 Research and Organize (Questions 10 to 13) 20 marks
Refer as needed to the material in Chapters 12 and 13 of the textbook. Keep the following tips in mind as you research data, as well as organize, analyze, interpret, and illustrate these data:
• Use the Internet, Athabasca University Library, or your local library to search for information about video conferencing. Do not use Infotrac, the textbook publisher’s search engine, for this report. Athabasca University does not provide technical support for this service.
• Gather relevant information about the five points you wrote about in Part 1, question 4 in the form of articles, Web site material, or other literature. In other words, collect five sources of literature on this subject.
• Focus specifically on information that can help you identify the problem you need to inform your audience about—that is to say, the value of investing in video conferencing.

10. Describe key aspects of this information using complete sentences. In addition, explain how this information is relevant to the report you plan to write. (5 marks)
Video conferencing allows for companies to hold recruitment interviews with candidates from across the country or around the world.
It can help companies to become environmentally friendly, since they aren’t travelling as much it reduces their

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