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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN 2015) believes that education has a significant impact on the knowledge and competencies of the nurse clinician, as it does for all health care providers. Nurses with Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees are well-prepared to meet the demands placed on today's nurse (The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2015). BSN nurses are prized for their skills in critical thinking, leadership, case management, and health promotion, and for their ability to practice across a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

It is proven that hospitals with a more educated nursing workforce have lower mortality rates and better patient outcomes. This does not mean that ADN-prepared nurses
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I believe providing safe patients’ care has to do with clinical skills and experience; however, as a nurse, I think everything I learned or know clinical wise, I got it from my 2 years nursing program, I believe that is where I got my foundation. I am really happy and excited about obtaining my BSN, and I have learned a lot through this program especially about research methodologies, leadership and management, but when it comes to care practice that will affect patient outcomes as far as mortality or safety, I will say I did not learn that much. I think an ADN nurse can be as good as a BSN nurse; however, having a BSN will be a better idea because that is the requirement nowadays for most healthcare organizations, and will open doors to great opportunities. Nursing is a huge and welcoming field. It offers a satisfying career path for both ADN and BSN trained nurses. Whatever path somebody choses in nursing, the essential wisdom is to continue enhancing your skills and education so that your community, your organization and your patients benefit from your broadened view of the
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