Adn Versus Bsn Is There Really A Difference?

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ADN versus BSN is there really a difference? There has been documented debate since the 1960’s. During this time, nurses were valued as an asset; however they weren’t allowed to think about what action was to be taken. The hospital took care of all the decisions in regards to patient care. (1) It has been documented all the way back to the 60’s that technical schools should be closed, and those that graduate from an associates program be considered Licensed Practical Nurses. The Registered Nurse title given only to those that completed a bachelors program. Several states and different associations like American Nurse Association have gone around and around trying to figure out ways to change the nursing practice. Today healthcare systems…show more content…
(2) Along with this thinking it is recommended that in order for a nurse to be a manager or a preceptor, they need to have a masters degree or higher. (1) If hospitals were to require this level of education, they should offer tuition reimbursement along with an increase in pay and increase in benefits. Hospitals that help nurses who have an associate’s degree, diploma, or are LPN’s with tuition reimbursement, increase their pay, and offer better benefits have a decrease in their turnover rate. Another reason for the big push for nurses to have a higher education is because the general population is getting older. (2) This means that people are living longer with chronic conditions. This adds to the growing nursing shortage. Nurses have been taught how to care individuals who were acutely ill; however with the advancement of medical treatments means that as nurses we also need to change. With the advancements in medical treatments, nurses need to be more aware and up to date with the new treatment options. (2) Along with the component of advancing medical treatments is also new technology that exists today. We now have things like electronic charting, monitors that can detect a patient’s heart arrhythmia from miles away, glucose monitoring devices that attach to the patient, and the advancements in laboratory draws. There are
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