Adn Vs Bsn Research Paper

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Differences in Competencies: BSN versus Diploma or ADN degree By Sissy Stephen November 4, 2017 Grand Canyon University Education increases both clinical competency and quality care. Associate degree in Nursing can be completed in three years. It was initially started to fill the shortage of nurses. BSN degree is four year nursing education and it helps the nurses to be well- rounded academically. ADN versus BSN have been in discussion for some time now. According to “HRSA’s 2013 report, titled The U.S. Nursing Workforce, found that 55% of the RN workforce held BSN or higher degree. In a separate study conducted by National Council of State Boards of Nursing found that 61% of RN workforce in U.S. was BSN or Higher degree”…show more content…
Furthermore according to American Association of College of Nursing, “the baccalaureate degree is designed to prepare nurses for work within the growing and changing health care environment. With nurses taking more active role in the health care, they are expected to develop critical thinking and communication skills in addition to receiving training in clinics and hospital”(American Association of College of Nursing) . Associate Degree of Nursing The associate degree of nursing was founded in “the year of 1952 at the Fairleigh Dickinson University” ( The purpose of starting the program was to solve the nursing shortage after the World War II. The ADN is a three year degree for those who want to be in the health care field. Nurses play an important role in a health care system. Once a student has completed their ADN, then they take the NCLEX to become a registered nurse. This test will certify that the person is safe to practice as an entry level nurse. The pace at which a person earns the degree is one reason why students go for ADN instead of any other degree. While a person is in the AND, he or she will learn important skill that would be extremely useful in health care. Associate degree of nursing is more
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