Essay on Adn vs Bsn Competencies

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Differences in Competencies: Who Makes a Better Nurse? Michelle Phoebe Baltazar
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430
July 18, 2012

In this essay the differences between an Associate prepared nurse versus Bachelor prepared nurse is discussed in correlation to critical thinking, professionalism, and leadership.
Differences in Competencies: Who Makes a Better Nurse? Who makes a better nurse? A nurse with an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree? The answer would probably depend on who one asks. However, according to American Association of College of Nursing (2012), “education enhances both clinical competency and care delivery” (pg.1). In this discussion, nurses prepared in baccalaureate-degree level compared to
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“Autonomous nursing practice as defined as full command of expert knowledge and allowing for accountability and authority in decision making” (Creasia & Friberg, 2011, pg. 47). A doctor will more likely see a nurse as a professional once they show competence and autonomy, which in turn, will provide a positive nurse-physician relationship due to the trust built between professionals. A physician must be able to trust a nurse’s judgment and assessment skills to be able to provide a collaborative care for the patient. The wheel of professionalism is designed to compare nurses' professional behavior with other professions, which places university-based education as central to professionalism, which then leads to a strong code of ethics, professional recognition and continuing education to maintain nursing competence (Yam, 2004). As a nurse achieves a status of professionalism, a nurse will view oneself as an equal partner in the health care team, which in turn will boost confidence and support for a more proactive and confident nurse. Leadership In nursing, leadership does not only consist of being in a higher position but in all aspects of nursing, whether one is a staff nurse or a unit manager. A nurse must be able to lead patients, family, or a community, to a higher level of understanding in regards to the over all aspects of people’s health. However, primary degrees in general do not prepare nurses for
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