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Which is better, having an Associate Degree in Nursing versus a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing? This is a common question these days. Many people have a misunderstanding of the difference between the two. What is known is that the time it takes to get an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is shorter than the time is takes to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Also, after completing nursing school everyone sits for the same licensing exam, the NCLEX-RN. When considering the two degrees’ it’s important to consider training, skill level, patient outcomes, advancements and the future of nursing. Obtaining an ADN only requires two years of school. Lecture and clinical are combined. Most schools that offer an ADN are community…show more content…
Significantly more medication errors and procedural violations are committed by nurses prepared at the associate degree and diploma levels than at the baccalaureate level” ("Ensuring An Educated," 2005, p. 12). The BSN nurse has stronger communication skills, problem solving skills and is more likely to use evidenced-base practice in their daily nursing routine. Being more alert a doctor. Having strong skills can help prevent a devastating accident by knowing when to question a doctors order, and looking for signs and symptoms of patient decomposition. A BSN nurse can make nursing diagnoses and evaluate nursing interventions better than a nurse who holds an ADN. Nursing has a lot to do with experience and personal ability. Choosing to obtain a BSN is a level of education that can provide you with future advancement. Typically, a traditional BSN will provide a better rounded education as other areas of education are included in the degree. With a BSN a nurse can become an educator or manager. “There are also further advanced positions as advanced practice roles that are essential in the health care system; these advanced roles include nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, and certified nurse midwives” (Medicine, 2010, p. 12). Holding an ADN will not open the door to these great educational and advancement opportunities. This is another reason why a BSN is so desirable. The future of nursing and medicine

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