Adn vs Bsn. the Benefits of Higher Education Essay

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ADN vs BSN. The Benefits of Higher Education. Amanda Sindel Grand Canyon University Abstract There is much debate on whether there is a benefit to obtaining a Baccalaureate in Nursing. Since it is only my second week in the RN to BSN program, I don’t have a lot to base my opinion on. This paper will summarize the differences between Associates a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing based on what I’ve been told, research I have done, and my own experiences. In a hospital setting, there are nurses of various levels of education starting from a Licensed Practical Nurse all the way to a Nurse Practitioner. Although there is a clearly defined difference in education, knowledge, and skill sets between an LPN, RN, and NP, the…show more content…
The nurse would identify if this was a community acquired problem, a lack of knowledge of disease process and prevention, or perhaps the result of poor socioeconomic standards. The nurse would then focus on educating the patient on proper health promotion and disease prevention so that he/she could help to prevent the patient from returning after discharge. The BSN’s advanced education that focuses on community health, advanced assessment skills, health promotion, and evidence based practice, gives the nurse the skills and confidence needed to treat the whole person in and out of the hospital setting These skills allow them to be leaders in the community and amongst their peers. Along with the before mentioned competencies of a BSN nurse, they are taught advanced communication skills and are better at educating, making them excellent leaders and resources. Although ADN nurses have been in management positions, I have seen an obvious difference between the two. The BSN managers are far more competent, demonstrating fair practices amongst their employees, they are able to communicate to them in a way that makes them feel like they understand, a way that is not only informative but in no way demeaning. It appears that they take pride in what they do, what they have achieved, and desire to help
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