Adnan Syed: Lack Of Evidence

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My verdict is Adnan Syed is innocent of the murder of Hae Min Lee. I reached this verdict after analyzing the evidence and determining that there was a reasonable doubt that he committed the murder. The following pieces of evidence showed he was not linked to the crime: The first piece of evidence talks about the lack of physical proof.
“As for physical evidence, there was none--nothing. Apart from some fingerprints in Hae’s car, which Adnan had been in many times, there was nothing linking him to the crime-- DNA, no fibers, no hair, no matching soil from the bottom of his boots,” by Sarah Koenig. Sarah Koenig is saying that Adnan had no real strong evidence to support that he committed the murder. The next piece of evidence addresses his whereabouts by a witness.
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And Adnan was sitting at a computer, checking email or something. And I sat down next to him. We starting chatting,” by Asia Mclean. This piece of evidence gives Adnan an abili to where he was after school and it causes us to believe that he couldn’t have killed Hae. The final piece of evidence Adnan and how he was during the
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