Adnan's Murder Case Study

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Of the 93% of women that were murdered by men that they knew, 63% were an intimate acquaintance (Wyman). Throughout the podcast called “Serial”, producer Sarah Koenig gives her take on the murder of Hae Min Lee. She was murdered on January 13, 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland. Adnan Syed was convicted of murder and is currently serving a life sentence. Now, Adnan is receiving a retrial. Jay, an acquaintance of Adnan’s, testifies that Adnan is guilty allowing him to not receive a sentence. Jay’s knowledge of the location of Hae’s car is further supported by Adnan’s lack of recognition of events on the day Hae was murdered, which shows Adnan killed Hae Adnan never forcefully stood up for himself, which proves that he isn’t innocent. For example,…show more content…
Asia’s alibi proves the state’s timeline for the murder to be completely wrong. It would put Adnan in the library after school instead of killing Hae, which is significant because it would change the outcome of the case. Adnan cannot remember anywhere else he was to form an alibi, so the Asia alibi doesn’t significantly help him. Adnan says he can only remember things that are “beneficial” to him (Koenig, “The alibi”). The pieces of evidence that he is able to recall don’t do anything to show that he innocent, they only draw the attention away from him. The information is not providing an alibi, just a distraction. Also, adding onto the fact that he only remembers certain events, Adnan claims he can’t remember anything else about the day (sigizmundfreud). This statement reinforces the fact that Adnan is only remembering events that will help him. Lastly, the Nisha call proves that Adnan’s already weak alibi is being challenged even more. The time of the Nisha call fits Jay’s timeline (Koenig, “The Case Against Adnan Syed”). Because the call fits his timeline better, it shows that he is more credible than Jay. With Jay’s stories matching better it gives the appearance that Adnan is not credible. The Nisha call is a crucial piece of evidence, which if it would support Adnan’s story, would help his case, but it doesn’t. These pieces of evidence all provide support for the idea that Adnan was lacking a strong
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