Adnan's Short Story 'A Love Lost'

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A Love Lost By: De’Asia Thompson Baltimore, MD-Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed were your typical high school couple until Hae’s new lover, Don, came into the picture. Still, the pair parted ways with no hard feelings, Adnan even remaining friends with Hae and Don. In love and almost inseparable, Adnan and Hae were like any couple that roamed the halls of Woodlawn High School. They had “just a silly teenage high school relationship,” says Rebecca Cline, a friend of Hae’s. Growing up with parents who were both immigrants, they instantly clicked and Hae described their relationship as that of a fairytale. Because of Adnan’s religion though, they had to keep their relationship a secret. Although Hae didn’t mind Adnan’s constant ‘persistence’,
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