Adobe Photoshop Essay

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Adobe PHOTOSHOP PS is a "bitmap" image processing and manipulation program. It's ideally suited for creating, modifying and outputting digital images of a photographic nature, which share a common fundamental structure: pixels in a bitmap. Simplified, but primary operations would be: * Access / acquisition of digital graphics photographic in nature * Add, subtract, modify, colorize, pixels in the images * Produce digital files where the whole image is part of a "fixed" pixel structure (the "bitmap") * Prepare complicated color/BW images for further processing in page layout programs for high resolution printing Fundamental difference: Photoshop manipulates individual color pixels within a fixed bitmap Adobe Illustrator…show more content…
(Click any image in this article for a larger view.) * the Open, Close, Save, and Print commands are in the File Menu * the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Transform commands are in the Edit Menu * the Image Size and Crop commands are in the Image Menu * Adjustment Layers are found in the Layer Menu * the Select, Deselect, Inverse Selection and Transform Selection commands are in the Select Menu * the Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask filters are in the Filter Menu * the Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fit On Screen and Actual Pixels commands are in the View Menu * the ability to show and hide all of Photoshop's palettes is in the Window Menu * the Photoshop Help option is in the Help Menu The Status Bar Photoshop's status bar is often an overlooked tool. The reason may be partly because it is located on the bottom left hand corner of the Photoshop window. The status bar's role is to give the user three details about any open image. The number on the far left hand side indicates the size in percentage that the image is filling the screen. This is important for editing purposes with a paintbrush tool. If you are going for fine detail, you will want to magnify to view what you are doing. In the center of the status bar, you will see a number on the left which displays the uncompressed size of the image. This is helpful if you want to know how much space the image will take up on your hard drive or an external storage device. The great thing about the status
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