Adobe Systems And Software Company Setting Graphics Softwares

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- Executive Summary - Adobe Systems or Adobe is a software company setting graphics softwares. John Warnock and Charles Geschke, founded the company in December 1982, after they had left Xerox PARC. Adobe is the name of the Adobe Creek river that runs behind the house of the founder John Warnock. December 2005, Adobe bought the famous owner of Dreamweaver and Flash: Macromedia for 3.4 billion US dollars. . By performing this transaction, Adobe has acquired a great competitor and consolidated its leading position in the production of software for designers and developers. Adobe’s headquarters is located in San Jose, California. The several famous brand products that provide Adobe are: Reader (for creating, managing, and editing PDF…show more content…
1. External Environmental Analysis: a) The Industry Overview: The technological development and the amazing progress of computer science, helped to the launch of a fascinating tool that enables businesses to improve their daily performance in several sectors, this tool is the computer software. Since the entry of the software among the business market, the Computer Software Industry has continued to grow and expand. According to Yahoo Finance, it is considered as one of the most innovative industries and develops rapidly with a total annual income of $ 150 Billion per year. Among this industry, we could easily recognize giants brand names such as : IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe... Each one of them promotes different types of software ranging from personal computer applications, to operating systems, network management tools, enterprise software, software applications, operating systems, and customized software. The industry of computer Software in also composed of four sub-categories: System Software, Middleware, Application Software and Engineering Software. Adobe Company is a part of the application software category, which allows companies to establish more functionality using a computer for example, Database Software, and Enterprise Software for Management, CRM, HR and other financial tasks. Adobe has several prominent competitors, which
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