Adobe 's Latest Photo Editing Software

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Have you ever thought about the effects that the use of adobe’s latest photo editing software is having on young woman today? The odds are 50/50 and from there, there is a chance that that if I were to bet that you would not think that minor tweaking of certain parts of the female body, slight adjustments in high-lightening particular features could result in others believing that this perception is so different from how they are perceiving themselves.
Currently anything and everything is affecting children from forms of disciplining to modes of supervising. However, one of the most negative effect technology is having on is found when we look to see who children today are being told to look up to and what we are placing our values on. When a young female between the ages of 8-14 are presented with an image of a size two models; many young woman today nearly instantly think within herself that what they are being presented with is the ideal image that they could mimic. Yet, these individuals are children who are receiving mixed messages; knowing what the most popular face shape is, paired with eye distance, cheek height, bone position and symmetry, and topped off with lighting and color configurations makes it possible for people who are trained to use software like Adobe Creative Suite to “Create anything you can imagine.” The use of Photoshop appears to have fostered false and unrealistic body images. By seeing drastically retouched photos of models has lowered self-esteem…
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