Adolecsent Depression Essay

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Adolecsent Depression

The suicide rate for adolescents has increased more than 200% over the last decade. Recent studies have shown that greater than 20% of adolescents in the general population have emotional problems and one-third of adolescents attending psychiatric clinics suffer from depression. The majority of teenage depressions can be managed successfully by the primary care physician with the support of the family, says Maurice Blackman MB, FRCPC.

Depression has been considered to be the major psychiatric disease of the 20th century, affecting approximately eight million people in North America. Adults with psychiatric illness are 20 times more likely to die from accidents or suicide than adults without psychiatric
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Confidentiality must be assured, but not to the point that the parents - who are often essential allies in treatment - are wholly excluded. Diagnosis may require more than one interview and is not a process that can be rushed. Inquire directly about possible suicidal ideation.

What are the common symptoms of adolescent depression?

Depression presents in adolescents with essentially the same symptoms as in adults; however, some clinical shrewdness may be required to translate the teenagers' symptoms into adult terms. Pervasive sadness may be exemplified by wearing black clothes, writing poetry with morbid themes or a preoccupation with music that has nihilistic themes. Sleep disturbance may manifest as all-night television watching, difficulty in getting up for school, or sleeping during the day. Lack of motivation and lowered energy level is reflected by missed classes. A drop in grade averages can be equated with loss of concentration and slowed thinking.

Boredom may be a synonym for feeling depressed. Loss of appetite may become anorexia or bulimia. Adolescent depression may also present primarily as a behavior or conduct disorder, substance or alcohol abuse or as family turmoil and rebellion with no obvious symptoms reminiscent of depression.

Formal psychologic testing may be helpful in complicated presentations that do not lend themselves easily to diagnosis. In the most difficult cases, a trial of treatment may be required to
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