Adolescence : An Exciting Milestone For Any Individual

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Adolescence is an exciting milestone for any individual to go through. This period is loosely defined as an individual who is between the age of 12 and 18 but some would simply state that adolescence begin when a person starts their pubescence stage (Spooner, 1999). Once puberty hits, the teenager begins to undergo vital psychological and bodily changes that will significantly impact the rest of their lives. It is during this period of time that an individual’s guardian(s) must develop a strict monitoring regime due to the fact that some teens will begin engaging in risky behavior such as experimenting with substances. This can lead to habitual abusing and other serious problems. Thus, preventing early use of drugs or alcohol may go a long way in reducing these risks. In this instance, there is a need to identify specific factors within the home environment to mitigate or even prevent adolescents from wandering down this destructive path, which leads to poor education, sexual deviance and family dysfunction (to name a few). How does the lack of parent monitoring affect how teenagers abuse substances? It could be due to a lack of positive role models within the home, a poor parent-teen bond, or a lack of stimuli in the home environment; these variables fall under the umbrella of parental monitoring and will be addressed further on. To prevent such realities, adolescent problems should be address in the home environment. Literature Review Lack of Positive Role Models When an
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