Adolescence And Addictions : Addiction And Addiction

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Adolescence and Addictions Adolescence that are faced with drug addictions are considered addicts with undeniable habits of drug use and little to no concerns of long term effects on the brain. Most drug additions whether prescription, narcotic, or alcohol, causes detrimental effect on the brain that impacts ones behaviors and thought process in making precise decisions in daily activities. Brain diseases are rapid among drug users for long periods of time that in turn can destroy the ones opportunity of normalcy of life (Kakkad, Trivedi, Raichandani, 2014).
Addictions have physical and psychological effects in an individual’s life. Although the internet serves great benefits for ones use, it can also serve as an addiction for individual’s that experience sexual addiction or other disorders. For example; a person that suffers with social anxiety disorder could use the internet as a source of interacting with people instead of socializing in the public. There are other disorders that can cause one to become addicted to the internet such as, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (Goldberg, 2014).
Connections between abuse and addiction in adolescence A strong urge and desire for drugs are feeling and signs of drug addiction and abuse for some adolescents ((Goldberg, 2014). Often time’s adolescents will explore and experience whatever drug is the latest or newest trend in society. During teenage years some adolescents become
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