Adolescence And Its Effects On Adult Behavior Essay

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Adolescence is a turbulent time in every individual’s life, containing marked behavioral and biological changes as the brain rapidly develops into its mature form. This period overlaps with puberty, the process of attaining sexual maturation, and throughout its progression intricate differences between the two sexes are revealed that were not previously apparent. (Spear, 2000; TEXTBOOK) It is thought that adolescence is a necessary process, a period of transition through which individuals prepare for living independently in adulthood. Adolescents begin to emulate adult behaviors and seek novelty, with an inhibited regard for danger, as they accumulate the skills needed to provide for themselves. (Spear, 2000) There are several characteristics of adolescence that seem to make an individual more prone to experimenting with addictive drug use, to his or her potential detriment. These include: an increase in taking species-specific risks, an overall rise in novelty seeking, and a particularly relevant phenomenon of finding peer interactions more socially rewarding than those conducted with an adult caretaker. (Spear, 2000) Partaking in illicit drugs is a clear form of risky behavior in human adolescents; children in developed countries are educated about the potential consequences of such misconduct, particularly those of abusing alcohol and/or tobacco. However, animal studies that compare drug use during development versus in adulthood provide evidence that adults will
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