Adolescence And Young Adulthood : Young Relationships And Delinquency

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Within current culture, it is easy to assume that young relationships are innocent and do not enable any issues in the adolescents cognitive or physical development. The main concern of Ming Cui et al. is that dating in early adolescence can impede developmental adjustment (Serafini & Rye & Drysdale, 2013, pg. 253). The reason for this concern is that there is more research showing that there is an association between romantic relationships and delinquency in adolescence and young adulthood (Serafini & Rye & Drysdale, 2013, pg. 254). Based on personal opinion, there are free factors that support this core reason. The first factor is that young relationships can increase delinquency. There are a few reasons for this assumption to be true. One reason is that adolescents are still trying to figure out who they are due to identity development. The second reason is that since young relationships are stressful, adolescents are more likely to be involved in delinquency. This can then create more problem behaviors. A third reason is that if adolescent are in relationships with deviant partners, they will encourage the adolescent to become more involved with delinquency. Within the "yes" section of the Taking Sides book, Add Health conducted a study study is see if there is a positive correlation between romantic involvement and delinquency. This was preformed as a school-based longitudinal study of a national sample of adolescents in grades 7-12 in the United States in the
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