Adolescence As A Critical Transitioning Period Essay

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Adolescence is marked as a critical transitioning period where individuals undergo through various types of changes such as physical, emotional, and cognitive maturation. Furthermore, many researchers have accounted spirituality and religiosity as vital assets of development for youth as it provides morals, ideals, and a positive self-image. Spirituality is having an intimate experience of the sacred and divine, while religiosity correlates with organized religion. Religiosity embodies beliefs, practices, and rituals. In general, it is believed that adolescents who have been introduced to religion or some type of spirituality tend to have lower levels of anxiety and are less likely to develop maladaptive psychological adjustments.
According to the study done by Sarah E. Hall and Kelly S. Flanagan, the former statement stands secure as the results depict that those who rarely participate in spirituality and religiosity, tend to have higher levels of social anxiety, maladaptive coping skills (ex., revenge), and lower levels of self-esteem. I am certain that their results are accurate because in my experience, having a relationship with God sparked a radical change in my behavior and lifestyle. For example, I used to have a very low self-esteem to the point where I would malnourish my body. Also, I was very antisocial because I was terrified of being around others. When someone would hurt my feelings, I held grudges and wished the worse upon them. All that anger, sadness, and
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