Adolescence As A Young Age Essay

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Adolescence is considered to be the years between 13 and 19. It is known as the transitional period from childhood to adulthood. Adolescence experiences a good deal of physical and psychological changes. These changes can appear as early as pre-teen ages and last until adulthood. During Adolescent stage, Adolescence is discovering their independence and self-identity. They face making though peer choices and decision in regards to drugs, alcohol, social life, and school work. Teens show a high focus on peer groups, romantic interests, and external appearances. While searching for their independence Adolescent find themselves participating or engaging in risky behaviors. According to World Health Organizations, “many adolescents face pressure to use alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs and to initiate sexual relationships, sexual relationships, at earlier ages, and putting themselves at high risk for intentional and unintentional injuries”. Adolescent are very much different from adults and some are not capable of making adult decisions. Being under the influence at such a young age can result in these teens making life altering decisions. “Specifically, adolescents are not fully capable of understanding complex concepts, or the relationship between behavior and consequences, or the degree of control they have or can have over health decision making including that related to sexual behavior” (WHO, 2016). According to Windle (2003), “alcohol use during adolescence and
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