Adolescence Development : The Growth Of A Child Occurs After Childhood

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Adolescence Development Adolescence development is the period where the growth of a child occurs after childhood and before adulthood. The ages are from 12 to 18 years. This period is one of the most crucial times in an adolescent life. They experience serious changes such as physical, sexual maturation, social and economic independence, development of identity and the skills needed to have adult relationships and roles during this time. While this period is a time of tremendous growth and development, it is also a time of risk during which social environments apply powerful influences. Adolescents depend on their families, communities, schools, and their friends to learn a wide range of important skills that can help them cope with any problems they may face and make the transition from childhood to adulthood successfully. Parents, friends, and the community, has the ability to promote adolescent development and to get involved when problems arise.
According to Rogers, adolescence begins from ages 10-12 and last until age 18. During this time there are many changes that take place which can cause many problems to occur for families and the individual (Rogers, 2013). During the development in adolescence, they are trying to find their identity and independence. Adolescences also develop the ability to understand abstract ideas, establish and maintain satisfying relationships. Their cognitive ability become more complex and they are able to use logic and reason when making…
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