Adolescence : Identity And Identity

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Adolescence Period (12 to19)
The next stage was mention a little above dealing with identity. Erikson stage in adolescence is identity vs. role confusion, this is where adolescence are trying to figure out who they are, what they want to do with their life or they or confuse with the appropriate identity roles. Erikson explains this stage that adolescence stumble trying to find the right identity by going through different roles till they find the right one. Once the adolescence is successful, it helps them able to create a foundation in the future development (Feldman, 2014). During this development stage it is very difficult due to many transitions figuring out who you are, more peer pressure, and other influences that can impact the individual. In this stage Laurie starting at twelve, went through many identity roles or styles with her friends. She started with the country girl role into about eighth grade, then started to become punk skater type individual this lasted to about tenth or eleventh grade till she finally realized it was to time be professional. She then started to think about careers and one that stuck out to her was nursing because she like helping people and taking care of people. She made goals to start the technical program her senior year to graduate with her certified nurse assistance then go into the military after she graduated high school. She succeed with the goals and was going into the military till they put her on hold for six months in that…
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