Adolescence Is A Part Of Life That Everyone Will Go Into A Functional Self Sufficient Adult

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Adolescence is thought of by most people as a difficult time between the ages of 12 and 18 that comes with an absolute certainty of change. All types of change, it can be physical, psychological, social, and people even change on a chemical level. Adolescence is also a time that people start to find themselves and they are able to make their own choices and become their own person. It is a very crucial period in an individual’s life because it is the moment to become independent, or at least practicing some amount of independence. This practice will prepare them for later in life when they are actually living on their own and making their own decisions. Adolescence is a needed stage to grow and develop into a functional
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They become more skilled at sports or become more advanced with fine motor skills like writing and drawing.
Along with all the physical changes comes physiological changes. The brain grows and hormones are released. This causes a growth spurt witch is a well-known characteristic of being a teenager. The growth spurt can be accompanied with growing pains, an increase in height, and a decrease in weight because the individual sprouted upwards. These all happen because hormones secreting from cells in the body tell it to. Along with hormones other changes are happening as well. People between the ages of 12 to 18 develop the ability of metacognition or the ability to think about thinking. They also develop the ability to have an abstract thought process which means that they are able to think about things in a logical sense on a consistent basis (Caskey, Anfara, 2007). They will use these characteristics to excel in school and excel socially throughout their middle school and high school years. The brain is growing and developing the whole time when people are going through adolescence and because of this it tends to be a very stressful time for most individuals.
Overall adolescence go through many different changes. The changes come in a variety of ways and people may be expecting them or they may not, but either way change is inevitable. These changes give every individual to change for the better
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