Adolescence Is A Part Of Life That Everyone Will Go Into A Functional Self Sufficient Adult

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Adolescence is thought of by most people as a difficult time between the ages of 12 and 18 that comes with an absolute certainty of change. All types of change, it can be physical, psychological, social, and people even change on a chemical level. Adolescence is also a time that people start to find themselves and they are able to make their own choices and become their own person. It is a very crucial period in an individual’s life because it is the moment to become independent, or at least practicing some amount of independence. This practice will prepare them for later in life when they are actually living on their own and making their own decisions. Adolescence is a needed stage to grow and develop into a functional self-sufficient adult.
Adolescence is a part of life that everyone will go through. During adolescence people have to deal with so many changes in their bodies. The biggest change is puberty and dealing with the physical changes that comes along with that. When puberty starts individuals with develop primary sex characteristics. Then later throughout puberty they with develop overactive sweat glands which causes acne and a musky odor. Farther into puberty boys and girls will start to develop their secondary sexual characteristic. For example women start to develop wider hips, and breasts. All these changes can put a huge amount of stress and it can be mentally and physically draining (Berger, 2008). Another aspect of physical change is their…
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