Adolescence Is A Period Of Social, Physical, And Psychological Development

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Adolescence is a period of social, physical, and psychological development that involves stages of exploration and experimentation (Salerno, Marshall, & Picken, 2012). As adolescents go through the physical changes of puberty, they also must deal with a variety of psychological changes. Adolescents face mental health concerns, behavior health concerns, social problems and future school failures at an increased rate when originated during middle adolescents (Black, Vahratian, Nugent, & National Center for Health Statistics, 2016). Middle adolescents with behavior concerns are significantly associated with more delinquency throughout high school, those with more social problems in childhood lead to adolescent social problems, and difficulties with early school achievement foresees experiences with school failure (McCarty, et. Al, 2008). This can lead to approximately 21–28% of adolescents experiencing an episode of major depression by the age of 19 years (Calear & Christensen, 2010). These difficulties can also linger into adulthood where further occupational, economic and interpersonal difficulties can arise (Salerno, Marshall, & Picken, 2012). Due to these concerns, the growth of services for adolescents has become a priority for a wide assortment of health care perspectives.

The future well-being of the country depends on raising a new generation of skilled, competent, and responsible adults. Concerns about youth are at the center of many policy debates. Yet at least 25…
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