Adolescence Is A Special Stage Of Development

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Having a baby is a huge change and bring huge responsibilities to future parents and to all the people around them.The best age to decide to having a baby is between the age of 24-36, when the future parents are mature enough to deal with this. This is the perfect age to get pregnant because the future parents at this age must have a good educational level and any of them have their college degree. Parents whom use drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin, alcohol, etc must find medical help, or quit from use it in order to their baby’s wellness. Parents must be also aware of the different types of genetic abnormalities that their pregnancy may bring such as down syndrome, cystic fibrosis ,Tay-Sachs disease, etc. Adolescence is a special stage of development. Puberty is the time when teenagers reach reproductive capacity as biological which involve the brain structure in the hypothalamus regulates sexual behavior. During the adolescence the body shapes in both girls and boys become more specific. In this stage is when girls and boys start to worry about their appearances, this phase is called body image the perception and feelings about their body. This remind me when I was about fourteen or fifth teen that I was so worry about my appearances, and the perfect body, because I used to be fat so all my friends around were skinnier than me and as I get older I started losing weights and become obsessed with my appearances. In chapter three the author discussed topic such as
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