Adolescence Is The Most Important Stages Of Human Development

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There are many stages that take part during human development; adolescence is one of the most important stages because it is the period that follows humans’ development from child to adult. According to Clause (2013), adolescence is broken up into biological, cognitive, and emotional stages. These aspects of adolescence are individually important because, it defines one’s personality and character as an individual and, it affects their future. Most people do not realize how big of an impact adolescence has; however, this essay will present data in support that adolescence is one of the most important stages of human development. The biological stage of adolescence is crucial because it physically forms the child into an adult. When the child goes through puberty they are metaphorically and literally leaving their childhood behind. Puberty is the stage where children experience growth spurts, fertility, and sexual maturation. This change generally occurs between the ages of 9 to 13 and 11 to 15 for females and males respectively (ReCAPP 2007). When the body is maturing from child to adult, physical features and internal (hormones) features are maturing as well. Scientists have concluded theories that connect puberty with evolving emotions in adolescents: they believe the biological changes young adults experience have a direct effect on their emotions due to a hormone imbalance (Peterson 1985). Hormones are fluctuating in the body and affect each individual…
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