Adolescence Peers Essay

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To most adolescents, how their peers see them can play an important role on their everyday lives. When I look back on my adolescent years, I can recall a lot of enjoyable times with my peers such as talking on telephone till I was tired, going to places like the mall, movies, and out to eat, or just plain hanging out. According to the book, peers are children or adolescents who are about the same age or maturity level. Peers can also provide a source of information about the world outside of the family. Especially being an only child, I probably would have been an antisocial and depressed person if it wasn't for my peers because I was able to express my feelings, thoughts, and problems with someone that relates to me and
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Negative forms of conformity behavior can include stealing, using explicit language, cheating, and making fun of others. However, not all conformity is negative. Positive conformity may include being involved in extracurricular activities, getting good grades, dressing like friends, and spending quality time with members of a clique. During my adolescent years, I dealt with a more positive conformity. I was in the magnet program and I was pressured into getting the good grades in class, and being involved in the extracurricular activities. The peers in my school that followed the negative conformity influence thought that they were being cool, but in my eyes, I think they were "losers" and that the things they were doing would not benefit them to be successful in the later years of their lives. Individual experiences in conforming to peer pressure do change over the course of adolescence. In elementary years, the child dealt more with parent conformity because they are in the stage in which they are close to the parents and they depend on them. When the child leaves elementary they go to middle school. In these years peers conformity increased. Parents had more impact in some situations but not as much as they did in the elementary years. Then off to the high school years, parent and peer influences are again in a stronger opposition to each other. In high school years, social behavior in peers is much stronger at this time. If the adolescent engage in
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