Adolescent Aggression Based on Violent Videogames

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Adolescent Aggression Based on Violent Videogames Violent video games played by millions of people every day results in animated characters having hearts ripped out, heads decapitated, and blood squirting across the screen as their mutilated bodies are erased from the screen. Most players play these games to pass the time, increase hand eye coordination, and create harmless competitions amongst those playing. However, some who play these games are entranced by the violent aggressive behaviors demonstrated in the games and may even act out behaviors learned from playing them. Is the correlation between violent video games and violent aggressive behavior demonstrated by those who play these games a coincidence or do these games…show more content…
Nearly 17% expressed a preference for games that favored human violence. Less than 2% of the students surveyed preferred games with educational content (Cesarone, 1993). In a study of college males and aggression it was determined that an increase of heart rate and blood pressure occurred when playing a violent video game with human characters compared to playing a game of pool (Ballard & Rose, 1995). Two different violent video games were used in this study. One was Mortal Kombat 1, MK1, the other was Mortal Kombat 2, MK2. MK2 is the more violent and bloody game. When the experiment participants were tested, it was determined that those who played billiards had a lower heart rate and blood pressure compared to those who played MK1. Those who played MK1 had a lower heart rate and blood pressure compared to those who played MK2. Hostility measures were also conducted and those playing MK2 had the highest scores followed by those who played MK1, followed by those who play billiards (Ballard & Rose, 1995). In two studies conducted by Anderson and Dill, Study 1, found that real-life violent video game playing was positively related to aggressive behavior and delinquency. The second study found that laboratory exposure to graphically violent video games increased aggressive thoughts and behavior. In both of these studies men had a more hostile view than that of women. The findings from these studies are consistent to that of the General Affective
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