Adolescent And Their Concept Of Self

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Adolescence is a time when one breaks away from the sheltering they have been accustomed to as a child, and there is a great sense of maturing as they prepare for adulthood. It is during this time, between 12 and 18 years of age, when dynamic changes occur. Adolescents not only experience profound physical change during this period – they also undergo a revolution in the way they think. This essay focuses on the adolescent and their concept of self, with a discussion of the predictable and unpredictable events that they are known to face. Although each adolescent will mature according to their own unique timetable. The following sections will more thoroughly explain and explore each of these developmental areas and discuss the…show more content…
There are various significant events that occur during the adolescent years. As well as physical and hormonal changes that transpire during puberty, there is vast psychosocial developmental change in the adolescent. Life’s focuses/attentions during this period are now far beyond the home and classroom, as the adolescent ventures into exploring more of the outside world. Adolescence is a period of discovery, a time to try new things. This is a time of experimentation, as one pursues new social conditions and relationships. Establishing a sense of gender identity and clarifying one’s sexual orientation occurs during late adolescence, and sexual relationships are typically pursued. Experimenting with dress, language and social interactions help them define who they are. It is commonly branded that the adolescent will find their “clique”. These things are usually expected milestones that an adolescent will reach. Other momentous events that are predicted for the adolescent are the undertaking of part-time work, and to be more in thought about their future endeavours. During adolescence, there is also experimentation of risk-taking behaviours are common. These experiences are not predicted to occur, although they are known to be normative adolescent associated behaviour as they journey through new experimentation. Risk-taking behaviours include drug taking, unprotected sex resulting in sexually transmitted
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