Adolescent Black Males and Their Entanglement With Crack Cocaine

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Adolescent Black Males and Their Entanglement With Crack Cocaine This research proposal will explore the dependent factors that determine why impoverished adolescent Black Males turn to crack cocaine as a means of survival. Survival is defined as, the act of or facts of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances. Generally, Black Adolescent males engage themselves in crack cocaine by way of dealing or trafficking. This study is important because there are many underlying factors that are not studied in regard to why this population turns to crack cocaine as a means of survival. When examining this particular field of study two main subjects come to mind, the struggle and the trouble. Most researchers in this…show more content…
A wealthy man will not attempt to rob a bank because he is not in desperate need but a needy man will. Afro circular is a cause and effect type of principle, the reason one engages in a certain activity is dependent upon the things that animate or irk them to do so.
Literature Review One of the sources used throughout this study was entitled Adolescent Black Males’ Drug Trafficking and Addiction: Three Theoretical Perspectives written by Sharon E. Moore. This study explores and explains the incidence of drug trafficking and chemical dependency among adolescent Black males. Also, discusses the social science theories of Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx and Molefi Asante in an effort to bring about a better understanding of the behaviors, and the consequences of those behaviors, of young Black males who participate in the distribution of illegal drugs and/or become dependent on illicit chemicals. The Suicide theory proposed by Emile Durkheim (1951), explains that because of the numerous adverse socioeconomic factors that operate in the life of the young Black male, many give into the negative socio-genic force of illicit drug culture as either a psychological or physiological escape from their reality. The development of deeper feelings of low self-worth which can cause a vicious cycle of self-defeating behavior which will cause suicidal behavior. Karl Marx proposed a theory of Capitalism (1978),

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