Adolescent Depression : A Qualitative Study

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The persistent link for the article that was read this week: Looking back at adolescent depression: A qualitative study. The persistent link is The Doi was not provided in the article. As some of us may know, depression is reflected as a mental health condition that can lead individuals to attempt/commit suicide against their life. In addition, depression is a disorder that causes individual to feel despondent, and with no goals to achieve. With that said, sometimes these individuals give-up activities that were once entertaining, loses appetite, or begins to overeat, or loses focus on what they are trying to achieve, and becomes inconclusive. According to Kringlen et al., (2001) depression is classified as a second disorder to alcohol abuse and is the most prevalent disorder among the adolescent population. Thus, Joshi et al., (2009) identified mental health ailments to be linked with authoritarian parental styles, then authoritative and permissive parenting style. In accordance with Kringlen et al (2001), McCarthy et al., (2008) classifies adolescent depression to be associated with suicide, and recognize it as the third leading cause of death among adolescents ranging from age 15-24 years old. The characteristics of the research that allowed me to identify the research as both a phenomenological and content analysis case study are as follows: researcher conducted the study to increase
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