Essay about Adolescent Depression

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Depression in adolescence related to the school transitional period is a common occurrence according to the research findings of Goodwin, Mrug, Borch, & Cillessen, 2012). in fact according to research adolescents is the peek age for onset of depression during this time (1). There are many causes of depression among late to early adolescents. Over the years research has concluded that the most prevalent causes of adolescent depression is , genetics, absence of parental protection, low self-esteem, child abuse (of all types) , faulty interpersonal relationships, and educational transitions. For the purpose of this research we will identify educational transitions from junior high or middle school to high school ,and will later describe…show more content…
Although mental health illness is better understood and many treatments for depression symptoms are available, many adolescents suffer in silence and are not treated for their depression symptoms. Partly because symptoms of depression are overlooked in teens because they manifest themselves in different ways then with adults. In addition, it was commonly believed that it is normal for teens to have extreme mood and behavior changes. However, current studies disprove these common beliefs as myths and identify that depression may manifest itself differently in the adolescence then with adults (Bremness, Drebit, & Whittaker, 2011). The most obvious difference is the increased irritability verses sadness and depressed mood seen in adults. In adolescents a depressed mood may manifest itself through hostility, defiance and explosive anger. Other symptoms include sensitivity to criticisms, unexplained aches and pains and selective withdrawal from some people and activities (Bradley, Mcgrath, Brannen , & Bagnell , 2010). In addition according to research conducted by (Lamarine, 1995) it should also be considered that in adolescents depression may often be mistaken for other conditions such as attention deficit disorder, aggressiveness, physical illness, sleep and eating disorders and hyperactivity. Untreated adolescent depression is related to mal adaptive behaviors such as drug abuse , teen pregnancy and behavioral problems. In addition untreated depression can
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