Adolescent Development : A Time Of Social And Emotional Change

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Adolescent Development: A Time of Social and Emotional Change

Simone D`Souza
Monday, January 12, 2015
Mr. Warecki

Adolescence can be a defining period of time in one 's transitioning life between the later years of childhood to the start of becoming an adult, marking the start of the development of the individuals social and emotional qualities. This particular topic focuses on the notion of adolescents going through a journey of social and emotional change to discover who they are and how they can survive the real world, which happens through the development of a notable level of maturity and discovering what will benefit them, all done through developing their ability to make decisions for
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The sociology of adolescence focuses on biological, social, economic, and psychological development of youth during the period between childhood and adulthood. In relation to trends, the trends show that the individual`s group of friends begins to play a more important role in their lives and become more important.
Adolescents begin to test their feelings within their circle of friends as part of their journey of self discovery. The social and emotional change includes attraction to the opposite gender, and experiencing unsteady emotions. Statistics show that the internet and social media plays a significant role in the social and emotional change of the adolescent, as our connection with the internet and social media allows us to automatically obtain more knowledge on how to behave
and act, essentially focusing on what the "norms" of being a teenager are, ranging from defiant behaviour, to the desire of being independent and mature. This desire to obtain independence acts as the starting point in preparing an adolescent for the next stage of their life, known as adulthood. Thesis An adolescent 's journey of self-discovery can result in a shift in key relationships due to their sudden emotional fluctuations and desire for independence, which prepares them for the next step in their life.
Body of Report According to "Teenager Adolescent Development" from The Child Development Institute, they believe that
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