Adolescent Development

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Life has store many surprises for us as we develop throughout our whole life span. Developmental stages are the progress that occurs in humans from the time they are born until they grow old and die. Originally beginning with infants and children, development will subsequently progress into adolescence, followed by adult, and lastly elderly. The development occur in many fields, namely physical, perceptual, cognitive, moral and social.

Adolescence Overview

Adolescence is the developmental stage between childhood and adulthood. It generally refers to a period ranging from age 12 and 19. Adolescence has many psychological and social stages, as well as biological. The beginning of adolescence is usually marked
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This separation from parents is a way that allows them to experience themselves as individuals. Peers become more important than ever. While the physical changes of puberty are an important indicator of adolescent development, many other kinds of changes also occur during the adolescent years such as cognitive, self-concept, social, moral reasoning and the ability to think abstractly.
Physical Development During the adolescence developmental stage, there are rapid body changes as puberty is in full swing. Female and male individuals undergo several changes suitable for their physical stature and composition. During these years, adolescents experience changes in their physical development at a rate of speed unparalleled since infancy. Physical changes in adolescence includes enlargement of the Adam's apple, growth of hair in the genital areas and under arms of both males and females. Body proportions also change with females developing bigger hips and breasts, ovulation, and menstrual cycle begins. Males, meanwhile, start producing sperm, erections and ejaculations, wet dreams, and darkening of the scrotum. Hormonal balance also shifts strongly towards an adult stage. Hormonal balance is initiated by the pituitary glands that are responsible for the secretion of hormones such as testosterone or estrogen into the blood stream and results in these physical changes. “ The adrenal glands increase
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