Adolescent Drug Abuse And Alcohol

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RUNNING HEAD: Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Adolescent Drug Abuse and Alcohol Nyria Madison Liberty University Coun 620

Around the world we are finding that most adolescent are experiencing drugs and alcohol. This has been a huge issue for years. This has become a trend in society as of today. This paper will discuss the perspective of adolescent alcohol and drugs. This paper will also identify and inform you on the common predictors of adolescent substance abuse. Substance abuse can lead to negative behavior such as problems at home and school, loss of friends, health issues, and lack of memory. This paper will focus on how peer, family characteristic, and individual and factors link with substance abuse in adolescents. It also will show a connection and variables linking to factors in at risk youth. It is a fact that most adolescent are influence by drugs and alcohol because of their peers, family and individual characteristic.

Alcohol and drugs has increase and became a huge factor over the years among adolescents. Alcohol and other drug involvement and use among adolescents have been a society and public problem for decades (McWhirter, McWhirter, McWhirter & McWhirter, 2013) Recent studies show that by late adolescence, 78.2% of US youth have consumed alcohol, while 47.1% had reached regular drinking levels, and 15.1% met lifetime abuse criteria (Tarter, 2002) This research are
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