Adolescent Drug And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Our society has numerous programs that are directed at preventing the use of drugs and alcohol in adolescents; however, very few of these programs are aimed at those who are already displaying the early stages of drug use problems. Teen Intervene is a program that does just that, and is aimed at people ages 12 to 19 who are suspected of experiencing mild to moderate problems associated with alcohol or other drug use. The major objective for this program is to reduce or if possible eliminate their substances use; using integrated stages of change theory, motivational enhancement, and cognitive behavior therapy (McElfresh, Winters, 2007). One of the essential components of Teen Intervene is the fact that it is a brief intervention and is made up of 3, one hour sessions. Brief interventions (BIs) seem to be growing in interest as a beneficial approach to treating adolescents with problems associated with alcohol and drug use (Winters, Fahnhorst, Botzet, Lee, & Lalone, 2012). Addressing adolescent drug and alcohol use is of the utmost significance because if caught early many of the side effects of prolonged use can be diminished. Addiction is something that many have seen first-hand as being able to ruin lives, and intervening early is the least we can do to help our future generations. The most beneficial settings that Teen Intervene can be implemented are in schools, juvenile justice settings, mental health settings, and for those adolescences who are on waiting lists for
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