Adolescent Esteem And Self Esteem

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Narcissism in the younger generations is at an all-time high. This means that the younger generation is less caring, less civil minded, and more likely to cheat (Twenge, 2014, p. 98,100). They may even be more likely to commit mass shootings (p. 99). Narcissism can be defined as excessively high self-esteem (Twenge, 2014, p. 92). What has caused high rates of narcissism in Generation Me? There is a multitude of factors, but most prominent are the deterioration of community values, childhood self-esteem boosting, and our society’s fear of low self-esteem.
The first step in solving this issue is helping raise awareness that it is an issue. Most often narcissism is seen as normal or even humorous. It is something that we don’t take seriously and we tend to avoid narcissistic people rather than trying to prevent them from becoming narcissistic. Everyone knows what narcissism is and what generally causes it, but it is rarely seen as a serious issue. However, we could not survive if everyone in this country was a narcissist. Organizations and companies would fall apart as people did things to make themselves happy rather than to serve others. People would die because being a quality caregiver means putting someone else’s needs before your own. People who are dependent on others to survive would not make it. Relationships would fall apart and we would cease to grow as a country because people would stop having kids. Generation Me is already having a harder time raising children…
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