Adolescent Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues Surrounding Adolescent Rebellion

When looking at adolescent rebellion, depending on the situation, some ethical issues may arise. When we hear the words ethical issues, one of the first things that come to mind are those working in a professional setting. The first ethical consideration, however is found with in the home of the rebellious teenager. Parents are often the first ones to address the rebellious behavior and must decide how they are going to handle the challenging behaviors that their teens are displaying. They can address the behavior in a manner that shows the teen respect, yet makes it clear that the behavior is unacceptable and results in the teen having some sort of a consequence in an attempt to change the
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Once a parent realizes that they may need to create support system to assist with a rebellious teenager, where do they go to find help? One option that a parent can utilize include the school district, where the teen has access to a school counselor and other key staff members. A support team, which could consist of parents, the child, school counselor, the principle and instructors, and even a school resource officer, may be set in place to address academic and behavioral concerns. Another option is to utilize a private or mental health counselor skilled in adolescent behaviors. As the parent’s support system expands, it is important to note that each entity has its own set of rules guidelines that govern how they operate. When it becomes necessary to share information within the support group ethical issues may come into play. It is important that the teenager’s parents, the school officials and the community-based psychologist are all on the same page so that they are not working against each other rather they are working together as a unified team. “Ethical conflicts are less likely to arise when one or more of the parties with whom the psychologist is interacting see that relationship as collaborative rather than
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