Adolescent Mental Health : A Community Assessment

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Adolescent Mental Health in a Rural Community
A community assessment involves a thorough evaluation of a community’s health and available resources. This allows an individual to determine factors that potentially pose a risk to the community’s health (Anderson & McFarlane, 2011). A community assessment was conducted on the town of Buffalo, Minnesota (MN). Buffalo is a rural community that is centrally located between Minneapolis and St. Cloud, MN (Buffalo Chamber, 2015). This allows Buffalo residents the opportunity to commute 35 miles to the surrounding suburban areas for healthcare and greater employment opportunities. After completing our community assessment, we concluded that there is a lack of sufficient health care resources and reliable transportation available to adolescents suffering from mental health disorders. For those reasons, our group has chosen to focus on adolescent mental health in a rural community.
The town of Buffalo is located in Wright County. It was first established in 1856 and named after nearby Buffalo Lake. The town currently resides between two lakes, Buffalo Lake and Lake Pulaski. For Buffalo, agriculture continues to be the community’s economic mainstay, along with local businesses and other industrial development. Buffalo is a thriving community with increased growth and development over the last 150 years. The Buffalo population experiences a mixture of modern and rural small time experience (Buffalo Chamber, 2015).
According to…
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