Adolescent Mental Health Unit Of A Major Brisbane Hospital

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L is a 16 year old, Caucasian female student admitted to the adolescent mental health unit of a major Brisbane hospital due to active suicidal ideations manifested by taking a recent overdose. This was also accompanied by thoughts of harming herself and ending her life. L has a history of suicidal ideation, an eating disorder and self-harming. L was picked up from school by her stepfather and later disclosed that she didn’t want to be here anymore and wanted to die. L later admitted to feeling depressed since she was in Year Eight, prior to this episode and admission. L had described no future aspirations and therefore did not see the point of going to school or studying further. L admitted that although she had a good group of friends, that she had difficulty socialising with them outside of school. L’s depressive symptoms included social withdrawal, hopelessness, sleep difficulties and anxiety. L has found comfort in self-harming and it has become a nightly ritual along with frequent thoughts of suicide. L’s family have been very supportive of her but her recent increases in self harming behaviour have had a negative impact on the family. This has resulted in a wedge between the families. Family relationships can either positively or negatively impact a child’s development. This can also occur in the reverse manner where families can influence the overall health of the child but on the other hand the child can influence the overall health of the family (Birmaher, Brent

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