Adolescent Mothers And Affects On Child Development

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Adolescent Mothers and Affects on Child Development Some adolescent girls may feel they are ready to take on the life-changing event of becoming a parent. In some cases, becoming a parent at a young age can affect the child in the long term. This paper will analyze the academic, behavioral, and attachment affects of a child being born to an adolescent mother. Adolescence is an extremely important period of transition from childhood into adulthood of an individual (Uzon, Orhon, Baskan, Ulukol, 2013). There are several changes that occur including biological, social, psychological changes. Uzon, Orhon, Baskan, and Ulukol (2013) discussed adolescent pregnancy as the pregnancy of girls between ten and nineteen years of age. Studies have identified adolescent motherhood as a risk factor for poorer developmental outcomes among young children (Rafferty, Lodise, Griffin, 2011). Children characterized as “at-risk” must cope with day-to-day hassles of school, multiple stressors present in the home and neighborhood environments. Adolescent mothers are often characterized as being depressed, having low IQ’s, poor social supports, histories of abuse and/or neglect, residential instability, stressful relationships, punitive parenting practices, and a general lack of readiness to parent, each of these factors has a negative consequence for child’s development (Carothers, Borkowski, Whitman, 2006). Previous studies have shown children born to young mothers experience a variety of…
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