Adolescent Pregnancy: Prevention Levels

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Adolescent pregnancy (part three) Having looked at the facts and figures around the issue of adolescent pregnancy, as well as discussing the various approaches that will be used and the stages that the research paper will be taking in the process of investigating the social challenge, and also the conceptual framework within which the research will function, it is prudent therefore to look at the various approaches to the intervention strategy to the social challenge. These are the different levels that can be used respectively or in tandem to address the 'issue of adolescent pregnancy and their application depends on the level of the social problem or the complexity of the same.
Primary prevention level This is the first and most obvious starting level of intervention in the social problems that are predominant within the society. It applies to majority of the social problems that have been experienced by a given target group or society in general and there is need to prevent the same from recurring or from happening to another group within the community. Primary prevention or therefore a level that is targeted at preventing a social problem from happening, it is instituted before the problem occurs to a given section of the society. In short, it is meant to create awareness.
Secondary prevention level This is the next logical level of prevention after the primary prevention particularly when dealing with the social problems like the adolescent pregnancy. As the

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