Adolescent Psychology : Observation Paper

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Citlali Perez B00926888 May 5, 2015 Adolescent Psychology Observation Paper College Frenzy Introduction The college admission process has long been rooted in adolescents and less attention has been placed on how the timing and demands of such an important decision intersect with the developmental milestones of adolescence. Jalen, a seventeen-year-old high school student-athlete from Friendship Academy in Washington D.C has received over 40 different scholarship offers, all from nationally ranked colleges across the country. In less than a month, Jalen will be graduating high school, and will therefore, have to announce to his family, where he will be attending in the fall. What will Jalen decide? The question of when to apply to college and how compatible it is to adolescent development will be discussed in this paper. Two important factors regarding the college application processes will be explored. The first examines what is known about adolescent development and how this corresponds with the process and timeline for how students make college application decisions; the second focuses on the socio-cultural implications of the unequal distribution of resources to some students and how this affects student college decisions and applicants for different types of colleges. Cognitive and Physical development of Adolescence Figure 1. Brain development from childhood to adulthood-The area of the brain that controls executive functions, among those for reasoning,
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